About Me

My name is Chris Coney and I am an English teacher at The Alternative Education Center.  I am also a co-owner of Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures, a mountain bike guide service in Pisgah National Forest and Dupont State Recreational Forest.  I am married to my beautiful wife named Shannon.  So as you might imagine I love writing, and hence this experiment in words and blurbs.  Read it if you would like, reflect and wonder with me about life’s adventures.  I will most likely write about my dreams and insights and try to find something relevant to talk about.  Please talk and write back.  Afterall, what is language and writing if not shared.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Chris, “Humble Thoughts” is a very inspirational and well written article in my opinion. The will to keep on trying and the writing and mountain biking energy really come through. Congratulations on your new teaching! Peter Robinson

  2. You’ve got a great pen Chris! This should be submitted to Bicycling Mag or some other global pub as it’s a great narrative of our sport, our state and my favorite season! Thanks. MPC

    • Thanks so much for the support Michael. I love Spring in the mountains. During the winter, you forget how green everything really is in NC in the warmer months. Riding mountain bikes makes it all the better. Thanks again.

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