The Bicycle Story

Bicycles tell stories.  All across the globe, the bicycle tribe is the same–human powered fun on two wheels.  The tribe members use many different tools in their art and it really does not matter which one you choose, just as long as it is human powered and has wheels.


The original story maker, The Cog Fairy-Shanna Powell Endless Bike Company

These bicycle stories have lots of common themes like pain, suffering, endurance, fortitude, bliss, joy, and dare I say glory.  Every time you go out on a bicycle, you come back with a story, even if you are just commuting across town.  When you ride a bike you are creating something, a physical action, and you are alive.  You are ultimately creating what we call moments.  Moments of pure awareness, experience, and moments of peace and happiness.  Bicycles are mediums to creating happy stories and moments. After a ride you feel more alive in the moment.  The moment is the story.  You might be tired and beat up, but you now have a story to tell.  A story of motion, stirring in you connections with other riders who experience similar stories.  Some stories are happy and some are sad, some are epic journeys, and some are just a simple jaunt.  We all have them and we all have something we can share.  When you ride a bike you come together in a connection that transcends differences of place, time and degree.  The connection is the act itself and in that moment we are all experiencing it.  Riding a bike creates freedom in experience.  The freedom you experience while moving your legs in a gentle rhythm, listening to the hum of the chain, and feeling the air on your face.  You breathe hard after the long climb,  you crest the mountain and now feel lite.  Views open up before you and the long downhill path fills your body and mind with smiles for miles. Your blood pumps fast and yet your mind is calm and at peace.  These are our moments on a bike.


Heidi Rentz creating stories at The Dirty Kanza 200 The Cyclist’s Menu

So ride on all you story tellers out there.  Keep pedaling and keep creating.  Ride like your life depends upon it.  Create those stories, and share them with each other.  There are many people who would listen to your tale, because they too have experienced the story of wheels in motion.  Keep the tribe alive and keep moving forward.  Search for the mystery and create your stories. Ride your bike and tell your story, so that we can weave them together with our stories and share a laugh or two.  Create moments with your years and don’t forget to lube your chain.  So what is your story?

Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures


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