For Beauty There She Will Be

Behold-beauty lurks.

Deep in the shadows,

Out among the rain.

There she will be,

Singing her happy rhymes.


“Come along,

Please join me in this song.

We fly hand in hand,

Out beyond all the lands.”


As you walk in the trees,

Your spirits will sing.

As day turns to night,

And night gives forth to day,

So too can we cherish the land.

Me hiking down into a slot canyon in Karajini National Park, Australia

Cherish the land.


Silence leads you.

The dream becomes alive.

Flying now with wings,

Because emotions now sing.


The dream awaits,

Eager to grasp your soul.

Observe and listen.


Look to the sky,

And look to the seas.

Far away lands wait to give the key.


Look in the Robin,

And look in the Jay.

Their wings will tell,

So as to make you sing this day.


Look and listen,

For Mother Earth has dreams to share.

Try not to run and hide.

For Mother will ease the pain.


Ever giving-

Behold Mother.

For beauty there she will be.


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