Water the Life Inside

(Poem originally written in 1993 after reading Homer’s Odyssey)

The water all around

Flooding thoughts careen,

I tread the ocean-trails before me now.


Inner glory is what we see

In the eyes of the child.

Beauty made alive

In just a smile.


To become what we will,

In this myriad before the eye.

Everything so strange it seems.

Why fight the turbulent waters?


Soar with the angels of light.

Dance in the darkness,

So all will know the song.

Embrace the eagles of you dreams.


In the end,

All is one in love.


Shine hearts delight.

Free the inner child within your soul.

All can partake of the feast.

All can sing the endless song.


Shout out joy to the world.

Fly now with the wonder of life.

Give to each day new hope.

Happiness is for all to see.


One thought on “Water the Life Inside

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