Me climbing Shredded Wheat at Rumbling Bald, photo by Paul Rothfeld

Beautiful upward progress

Across faces and seams of rock.

Orange, yellow, red, brown, and gray

All mixed together with the blue clearness in the sky.

Many colors merging with the mind

Yet calm, pure Breathing.

Breathe it in deep.

What a gift

The rock gods have brought

A ledge for four,

300 feet off the deck.

Sun beaming

Beckoning one to movement.

Merging dances with the rock.

Quietness and yet most alive you are now.

Moving forward,

Always searching the wall

For the right path.


Chalk up the fingers

Always thinking upward and above.

What lies next,

Beyond that block?

A face or a perfect finger crack to the summit?

We know not,

So we climb to find out.

Our curiosity

Overwhelms and inspires us

To movement

And art unfolding in the unknown.

We are drawn onward

By secret, silent voices

And visions of beauty in form and action.

(Poem written in May, 1998)


8 thoughts on “Climbing

    • Thanks Karen. I just pulled it from my journal from 13 years ago. Crazy eh? I have more entries from the journal that will come soon. I need to read your new post as well. Thanks for commenting!

  1. WOW Chris, nice writing! I really like this and sure hits the spot on climbing. I miss it, but I’m so thrilled that I did rock climb once!! Laurie Sagullo

  2. Thanks Eryn for supporting my writing. Do you have a blog I could check out? Your link goes to a modern leadership site that I am not sure if it is yours or not. Take care. Chris

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